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Woz signed a number of my Macbook cases, and they were quickly sold off for charity. It is an incredible honor to have a legend using my case. It's true, Woz is possibly the kindest living being. See Woz signs a case below.

Gizmodo Senior Editor, Jesus Diaz wrote about my cases. Thank you Jesus. This is too cool!

I ask for 3 days to make your case. Shipping within the U.S. takes 3 days, Europe 7 days, and 10 days to Asia.

All of my cases are guaranteed for life--to be specific, the life of its maker, so 10 years!? (12 years if I stop adding sugar to my coffee).

I do make my cases to a snug fit. I offer three 13” sizes for each of the 13” Macbooks.  Please check your order to make sure it’s the right size case for your Mac.