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Your sleeve is hand made in my tiny shop in California. Each sleeve is made from scratch and takes roughly 2-3 days to complete. "Solid-Edge" is a process I developed from 35 years of leatherworks to hardened the surrounding edges of your sleeve and provide superior protection from drops and bumps.

The leather I am using is specifically made for two purposes,  to protect your Mac and stay newer far longer than common hides.


Introducing the ACTIVE sleeve. Made specifically for Macbook Pro TouchBar to allow in sleeve charging and docking to external monitor

The Active case is rear vented on either sides to draw in cool air

HandPunched rear vents on Black/RED Active case. Active is made specifically for the latest MacBook.

 This is the CLASSIC sleeve. Fully covered, snugly made to fit your Mac like a glove, for a lifetime of protection.

Our Ultralight sleeves are designed and built for maximum protection minus the weight. Over 700 stitches and glue to make up a single sleeve.

If you must own a item beyond cool, checkout the  Woz-500 sleeve. Each is signed by Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak. 100% of sales go to Woz's charity.