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 I'm often asked to make a matching camera strap to go with your MacBook case.  The length of the strap is hand cut from a single hide. It has a build-in neckpad...AND, it can be engraved to carry its owner's initials. The strap is made with the same care and attention as my cases. Two pieces of leather carved out from a single hide, merged together to form the perfect thickness to comfortably hold your precious compact, mirrorless camera. I haven't seen a strap made with two layers of leather. So I made one. The raw edges of the strap are sanded and edge-painted to give it a finished look. It then goes in my curing shelf for 60+ hours before I can strap it to my camera. It looks good and feels great. Engraving adds a personal look your gear. Engraving is limited to 3 characters. 

All strap purchases will be donated to St. Jude - Children Research Hospital. Better yet, make the $40 donation yourself and send me a Paypal receipt, I'll send out a strap of your choice.