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Woz 500. Woz signed case + card
Woz 500. Woz signed case + card
Woz 500. Woz signed case + card
Woz 500. Woz signed case + card

Woz 500. Woz signed case + card


Steve Wozniak signed cases for charity.

The co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak signed this case. 
This is one of only 500 cases signed by Woz for the Macbook.
He didn't just give it the usual "Woz"--which is already unique. He signed it "Steve Wozniak".
Woz rarely signed his full name, unless, it’s official documents.

As if that wasn't amazing enough, Woz includes his aluminum business card for each of the Woz 500 cases.
Do a search on "Woz' business card". Dozens of major tech sites wrote about it. 
It is the ultimate, jaw dropping, one of a kind item; many heard about, but only a few have seen in person.


Woz said his aluminum card is sharp enough to cut steak on an airplane, which means, it's TSA approved. However, you shouldn't tell TSA you have an object in your wallet that's sharp enough to cut steak, but you knew that :)

Woz card will not get you out of a speeding ticket. 
Woz card will not allow you to cut in line at Apple.
Woz card will not get you free coffee at Starbucks.
someone tried...

It makes that one super-geek friend of yours, the guy who has everything Apple, the guy who upgraded from iPad mini 2 to iPad mini 3, and claimed "amazing speed improvement" drops to his knees of envious!
Other Macbook and Ipad cases are available. Each will be signed by Woz and includes his card. 

100% of sales (not just proceeds) goes to Woz selected charity.


An auction house recently sold the original Apple-1, built entirely by Woz for a mind-blowing $750,000.