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.Woz. Signed  Black Macbook
.Woz. Signed  Black Macbook
.Woz. Signed  Black Macbook

.Woz. Signed Black Macbook


SOLD OUT!!! Thank you for your support. Woz signed sleeve will be a conversation starter and one of the coolest item to own, if you're an Apple fan. The first batch of signed sleeves are sold-out. You can still add item to cart and checkout to reserve the next batch of signed sleeves. Please expect 30 days for delivery. 


2020 has been a tough year for all 7.8 billions of us. It's especially devastating for many of us call California home. The hot are getting hotter and the dry are dryer with each passing year. 2020 California fires are the worst ever, again.

Our firefighters are combatting in endless oceans of fire and there is no end to this nightmare. Local suppliers and small businesses are drying out and closing up. No one knows when it will get better, but I know our firefighters need every little bit of help we can offer.

Whatever little supply I have left in my shop, I'm offering a limited number of sleeves for your Macbook and iPad. With the generosity of Janet Wozniak and Steve Wozniak, The Woz took time out of their jam pack schedule to personally sign each sleeve. The entire, that's every single penny of this sale will go to California Fire Foundation and WildLife Relief Fund.

Woz signed sleeve will not get you out of a speeding ticket. 
Woz signed sleeve will not allow you to cut in line at Apple.
Woz signed sleeve will not get you free coffee at Starbucks.
someone tried...